For those affected by November 2006 HSMP changes and are in UK ?

Dear all,

We are receiving several calls and emails these days from members  regarding how to process the documentation for the extension of further leave to remain (FLR) after our Judicial Review Judgment. These are especially from those whose extension was rejected in the past due to not meeting the required points after the changes on qualifying procedures unlawfully implemented by Home Office during November 2006. 

We would like to give recent instances of some of the members who got extension this week based on the recent Judicial Review decision, and hope the example will help many of you to precede your documentation in time without any confusion and difficulty.

There is no hard and fast procedure for the extension. (This is applicable for those whose immigration appeals are pending in the court). What you simply need to do is send Passports and two recently taken PP size photographs of yours and of any of your dependents (wife and children) with a covering letter.

In the covering letter simply state the fact that you 'applied for the FLR in the past and now would like the application to be re-assessed based on the HSMP Forum's recent Judicial Review Judgment' and mention your full name, date of birth, passport number and Home Office reference number.

You do not need to pay for it or need to go through any solicitor. If there is any delay then you can directly enquire with the BIA and ask about the status. There is nothing to worry about or to loose in this process. In due course you should get your Passport back with extension.

Those whose immigration appeals are not pending need to fill in a HSMP Review form along with a covering letter attached and other necessary documents as required and you don't have to pay any fee. This should also be applicable for those who are switching back from work permits and discretionary leaves.

Please make all your correspondence with Home Office through recorded or special delivery only.

We hope this note will help those waiting for guidance to move forward. If there is still any confusion then please visit the Forum.

The above note is based on the information provided by our members. However, it may be advisable to confirm with Home Office before hand at or to take necessary legal help if required.

We wish you good luck for your FLR extension.

Best Wishes

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