Sample Draft covering Letter for HSMP Extension

Border and Immigration Agency

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Subject: HSMP extension required in reference to the recent HSMP Forum Ltd's Judicial Review Judgment of 8th April 2008 on unlawful HSMP changes.

Kind Attn:

I, (your name), date of birth (XXXXXXX) have been living in UK on an HSMP Visa (HSMP reference No.xxxxxxx). I would like to bring it to your notice that in a recent Judicial Review Judgment of HSMP Forum Limited Vs Secretary of State (CO/924/2007) for the Home Department the high court declared that the November 2006 HSMP extension criteria changes were unlawful / illegal.

The High Court on 8th April 2008 ordered that the Home Office acted unlawfully by applying the HSMP changes to existing migrants who were already admitted in the HSMP scheme between 2002 and as at 7th November 2006.

In the recent policy guidance published by Home Office dated 9th July 2008 it has been confirmed that people in my situation would be given an HSMP extension in line with the implementation of the HSMP Forum's high court judgment hence I should be given an HSMP extension based on economic activity or attempt to be economically active as per the High Court order.

Please mention here details of your previous application which was made and was refused after November 2006 HSMP changes.

I would also like to inform you that it would be unlawful if you try to apply any new rules on the pretext of a new application form / tier 1 and any such conditions and agreement against the high court judgment would be null and void. I should be treated now and in future under the old criteria which existed prior to November 2006 extension criteria changes.

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We wish you good luck for your FLR extension.

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