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HSMP Forum's Press Release

It is no longer enough to be law abiding citizens and responsible tax payers at least as far as skilled migrants in the UK are concerned.
Tightening the noose further around the migrant’s lives, the UK’s coalition government has recently announced that skilled migrants will have to show earnings of 35,000 in order to qualify for settlement in the UK.
Not only do the migrants have to prove their capabilities as diligent workers and conscientious citizens, but also earn higher salaries in order to win settlement rights in the country. At the time when majority of the UK population is affected by either pay cuts or job losses, such an income criteria squeezes out the remaining air of stability in the shaky economic lives of the migrants.
Settlement should not be a right of the wealthy few. It is high time that these morally bankrupt politicians stopped preaching lessons on morality and human rights to the developing countries and turned its attention on the migrants who come to UK by ensuring them a fair and a reasonable chance of making a home in the UK irrespective of their class of earnings.
On one hand, the government wishes for immigrants to add to quality of life in Britain but shuts the door on those best placed to achieve that by restricting / almost abolishing tier 1. If that were not enough, it is planning to make matters worse for the fortunate few who managed to get past the settlement application, the fee for tier 1 migrants application is expected to go up by 50% from 1,000 to 1,500 with dependents being charged 50% of the main applicant’s fees.

Executive director of HSMP forum, Amit Kapadia said, “It is well known that skilled migrants from non-European countries cannot live off benefits as they do not need to and also they are not allowed to access public funds. If the government’s proposed plans go ahead then, it would also mean that professionals such as teachers, nurses, chefs who earn below a salary of 35,000 would need to leave Britain after working and paying taxes for 5 years. We are concerned that the government’s proposed plans will not only lead to human rights abuses, litigations, enormous waste of tax payers’ money but in addition will have a severe impact on public services and UK businesses.
The government only wants wealthy people as its citizens. How is that fair? The politicians seem to be busy waging petty wars in the name of immigration with both labour and conservatives crying hoarse over immigration. Draconian changes in fees and settlement criteria are prejudicial. At a time when the government should be concentrating on getting the country out of recession, it is instead trying to digress by projecting immigration as the main issue. It should get its priorities right instead of making life miserable for the migrants.
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