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"HSMP Forum" is a registered non-profit organisation and company limited by guarantee. "HSMP Forum" was formed after the 2006 decision by Government to apply new qualifying criteria for Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) extension and permanent residency (ILR) to existing resident Highly Skilled Migrants. "HSMP Forum" has been lobbying the Government and courts by challenging unfair policies, so to allow existing legal Skilled Migrants to settle in UK.
The organisation's aim is to support and assist migrants and those settled here and campaigns on various immigration issues under the world-renowned British principles of fair-play, equality and justice and believes in challenging any unfair policies which undermines immigrants’ interests.

"HSMP Forum"
at times launches legal challenges to secure migrants interests, and in the past successfully reversed the April and November 2006 retrospective HSMP Indefinite Leave to remain and extension criteria changes through legal challenges. It represents people of all nationalities and cultures.


"HSMP Forum" is an immigrant support organisation which campaigns on various immigration issues and categories concerned with Skilled Migrants in UK.


Please be aware that "HSMP Forum" is the official name of this non-profit organisation, registered at Companies House in the UK. This is HSMP Forum's only Official website, please beware of some organisations which are misleading general public by claiming to be HSMP Forum and / or by taking credit of HSMP Forum's work. Because HSMP Forum has an obligation to protect the association of its name with its objectives, other parties are not authorised to use the name or make reference to "HSMP Forum" without the express consent of HSMP Forum management. Parties who violate this or who make misrepresentations using the name may be subject to legal proceedings.

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