An Appeal to all highly skilled migrants

Dt - 18th January 2009


As informed earlier the Court has now fixed the ILR JR hearing date for Friday, 13th March 2009.  

The government in April 2006 moved the goal posts from 4 to 5 years to permanent residency. In November 2006 they introduced other tougher criteria retrospectively which we challenged in the Court and have successfully reversed, and we have further challenged to fully implement the original promises made to highly skilled migrants.   

You may have noticed in the media that the Government has recently introduced the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill 2009 in the parliament. The HSMP Forum has been making continuous efforts to ensure the bill is not implemented retrospectively but still if the bill passes as it was, migrants will have to go through ‘a long journey’ facing ‘a series of hurdles and tests’ to be a permanent resident or British citizen. Migrants will have to go through a period of probation, learning English, paying taxes and extra levy-tax, involvement in the community voluntary work, and many others. 

Hardworking tax paying migrants will have to face up to 10 years to become citizens in which period they will not be eligible for many of the benefits. The government is even reviewing other benefits what migrants are getting these days such as some of the NHS benefits which may be stopped. 

To shorten the period, securing the ILR position is very important. Those who have ILR and will be applying for Citizenship will probably be subject to the old rules. 

Winning the present Judicial Review case for the implementation of ‘initial promise’ is crucial. If this JR is successful, then all HSMP holders admitted to the scheme before April 2006 we believe will be able to obtain their ILR in 4 years as well those who were admitted in the scheme before November 2006 may be able to obtain their ILR in 5 years. This will further give many a chance to complete journey before the implementation of the bills by 2010.  

The HSMP Forum would like to appeal to all migrants, supporters and well wishers to: 

  • Donate at least 50 and join the forum if you have not yet done so. If you have already contributed then consider raising your contribution or approaching others to make their contribution. We are in a tight financial position and we need further contributions. We may also need to pay the cost of the Secretary of State for Home Dept if we loose the case.
  • Encourage/ pass the information to other friends/members so that they can plan to participate and contribute for our activities.
  • Your input is very important. Please come up with ideas/ suggestions if you have any which may support the case.
  • Be ‘positive’ and ‘Focus’ on the aim to reverse unfair retrospective legislations now and in future.
  • Our ‘commitment, dedication and unity’ is our strength.

All the best, 


HSMP Forum  


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