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The following FAQ's below may be useful if you are facing problems with the forum access. As you might be aware we do not have a full time dedicated staff hence our response to your access problems at times could be late. We request you to follow the FAQ's below to avoid any issues with your forum access and to avoid delay from us.

Do I have to make a donation for forum access? How shall I make the donation?

Please make sure you make a contribution of at least 50 either through paypal or bank deposit / transfer.

I cannot see the posts / forum contents after making the donation ?

To see the posts, submit posts and see forum contents you need to be given full forum access. You do not get forum access automatically as soon as you make a contribution, so please bear with us. We try to give full forum / messageboard access instantly but it can take 1 to 3 days at times to verify your contribution or to give access. You can email the webmaster - for any access problems. 

Which is the fastest way to make a contribution to gain full forum access?

The fastest way to make a donation is through paypal or a bank deposit. Bank deposit ensures that we do not pay any charges while paypal charges us a transaction fee.

Why have I not been sent user name and password for forum access despite of making contribution?

You would be able to generate a user name and password after registering with the forum. You have to self register and it’s a very simple process. Please make sure that you mention your forum user name and phone number while making your contribution.

I have made a contribution but forgot to mention my user name.

If you made a contribution through paypal then forward us your receipt and provide us with your forum's user name. Please also ensure that the email address you used to make your contribution through paypal is similar to the one you registered with the forum, if not then please make this clear in your email.  If you made a bank deposit then please email us your date of contribution, amount contributed and name for verification.

I am financially broke and do not have funds to make a contribution. I need the forum's urgent help.

Please email to us at / , irrespective of whether you make a contribution or not we tend to support all. If your problem is of an urgent nature then please make it clear in the subject matter and explain your problem and provide your contact details.

We thank you for your interest shown in joining the forum and for your donation. Please be patient with us and cooperate.

email for further queries related to your forum access.

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